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Artist Curation

By becoming inducted into the Artist Registry, an artist becomes eligible for publishing art into the Curated Collection, in collaboration with Color Museum.

Induction requires 1 vote from at least 3 individual Color NFT holders.

Inclusion parameters are subject to change.

Artist induction is a three stage process:

Stage 1: Artist requests entry into the Artist Registry or is invited by a Color NFT holder.

Prospective artists can register for inclusion by clicking the 'Join as Artist' button on the homepage.

Entries will be posted to a private channel in the Color Museum Discord for consideration by Color NFT holders.

Should the artist receive the required 3 votes from individual Color NFT holders, a Color Museum representative will make contact.

Stage 2: Artist chooses a custom username for their profile page that showcases and links to their existing body of work, including work published on other markets.


Stage 3: An announcement ceremony on Twitter and/or Instagram.

Once Color Museum has confirmed artist's desire for inclusion into the Artist Registry and collaboration with Color Museum, a ceremony will be conducted on key social media channels to announce the union.

If the Artist is present on Twitter, artist shall post a teaser tweet video the media of which includes the Color Museum logo in the midst of select pieces from the artist's existing body of work, in frame interpolated motion; with hues removed:

This is then followed up by a tweet from the Color Museum account, now with the artist name as the centerpiece and the original colors of the artworks present, symbolizing the completion of the induction ceremony:

Activation videos may be accompanied by music generated by AI agents we are conducting R&D with, trained to the artist's images.

Teaser tweet media is prepared by the Color Museum at no charge to artists as a mutual welcoming gift to the newly curated artist.

If the artist's social media presence is extended to or solely on Instagram, a similar ceremonial process shall occur on that medium.

Post induction, artists will be given access to a private channel on the Color Museum Discord to communicate and coordinate.

This space shall provide a collaborative surface for Color Museum and confirmed artists to:

  • get acquainted with artists in the Artist Registry
  • plan and execute on the creation of new artwork by the artist for the Curated Collection
  • plan tailored marketing campaigns for activating and disseminating the new art into the market